Thomas B Hazard’s Journal

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From June 21, 1778.
From the original MSS. Printed by permission of the Redwood Library Newport.
Note.- The reader of this will observe letters and contractions following each day’s entry. These refer to the weather, and read, c, clear. C, cloudy. f, foggy. F, forenoon. Aft, afternoon. h, hazy, r, rain, t, thunder and lightning, t, thunder. l, lightning, &, and. D, Day. W, wind, s, n, e, w, south, north, east, west, sl, el, wl, nl, southerly, easterly, westerly and northerly, nw, ne, sw, se, northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast. V, variable. m, morning.
6th Month. June, 1778.
21st. Newport Flag hauled out of Newport from Tom Robinson’s wharf. I lodged on board.
22d. Lay at anchor off Fort Point. I lodged on shore this night.
23d. Sailed 10 o’clock in the morning. Arrived at Warwick Point at sunset.
24th. George Coggesh all’s negro man died on board. We buried him on the beach. The son was in the cabin. Sailed. Arrived at Pawtuxet at night.
25th. Arrived at Providence.
26th. Unloaded the Flag.
27th. At uncle Clarke’s this day.
28th. At do. 29th. At do.
30th. Went to Mendon to uncle Redwood’s.
7th Month. July, 1778.
1st. Went to Worcester to Mr. Tanner’s.
2d. Went to town, and there was executed for murder James Buckman, Ira Rose, Wm. Brooks, and Bashaba Spooner. They were turned off at 5 o’clock.
3d. Returned to Mendon to uncle Redwood’s.
4th. This day at uncle Redwood’s.
5th. At do.
*Nailer Tom.
6th. Returned to Providence.
7th. This day at uncle Clarke’s.
8th. At do. 9th. At do. 10th. At do. 11th. At do. 12th. At do. 13th. At do.
14th. Went to Cranston to Thomas Potter’s to carry uncle Clarke’s horse and returned.
15th. Yery rainy. This day at uncle Clarke’s.
16th. Went to Mendon to uncle Redwood’s. Very warm and clear.
17th. Went to Worcester. Yery warm and clear.
18th. Returned to Mendon. Warm and clear.
19th. Returned to Providence. Do.
20th. Cool. Carried brother Tanner to Mendon.
21st. Cool. Carried brother Tanner to Worcester to his father’s.
22d. Returned to Mendon to uncle Redwood’s.
23d. This day at uncle Redwood’s.
24th. Returned to Providence. Cool.
25th. Went to Mendon with sister Tanner.
26th. Went to Worcester with sister Tanner and Sally.
27th. Returned to Mendon to uncle Redwood’s.
28th. Returned to Providence.
29th. Thunder and lightning in the night. Clear. This day at uncle Clarke’s.
30th. Went to Mendon and drove uncle William Redwood’s horse, and went in a chaise. Yery sick.
31st. This day at uncle Redwood’s. Clear weather.
8th Month. August, 1778.
1st. Cloudy. This day at uncle Redwood’s.
2d. Clear. This day at do.
3d. Began work at uncle Redwood’s.
4th. At do. Clear. 5th. At do. Clear. 6th. At do. Clear. 7th. At do. Clear. 8th. At do. Clear. 9th. At do. Clear. lOth. At do. Clear.
11th. Went to Worcester after wine and flour.
12th. Went to do. for wine, and left Mr. Tanner’s and returned to Mendon. Wind west, hard.
13th.  W, ne and hard, rain. No work to-day.
14th.  W, ne and rain. Aft c. Went to Worcester after wine and flour with overcoat
15th.  Returned to Mendon with Port wine and flour.
16th. At uncle Redwood’s c.
17th. At do. f, Aft c.
18th.  At do. Some r.
19th.  At do. c.
20th At do. c.
21st.  At do.Fine, c, Aft r.
22d.  At do. c and cool
23d.  At do. c and cool
24th.  At do. m clear and warm.
25th.  At do. Very warm.
26th.  At do. Very warm
27th.  At do. Very warm.
28th.  At do.  Very warm.
29th.  At do. No work to-day.  Read the “History and Adventures of Joseph Andrews and his friend Mr. Marberry Adams.  Vol. I. Began vol. II same day.
30th. Cool, W, se. This day at uncle Redwood’s.
31st. C and cool. At do.
9th Month. September, 1778.
1st. At do. Went to Uxbridge and returned.
2d. c and cool. Went on the highway. W,nw. Worked for uncle Redwood.
3d. At uncle Redwood’s. Made cider.
4h. At do. Made cider.
5th. Received a letter from Nancy Tanner. W^ent to Worcester at 10 o’clock and got there 1 o’clock next morning. C. cool.
6th. c and cool. This day at Mr. Tanner’s. Brother Tanner departed this life 10 minutes past 12 o’clock.
7th. Warm and clear. This day at Mr. Tanner’s.
8th. Warm and clear. Buried brother in the town at 3 o’clock at the toll of the bell in the afternoon.
9th. C, F. Aft; n. This day at Mr. Tanner’s.
10th. W, nw. c and cool. Returned to Mendon and rode William Tanner’s horse.
11th. W, s. Clear and cool. Returned to Providence.
12th. W, s and cool. Went to South Kingstown to Enock Hazard’s.
13th. C and cool. W, nw. This day at Mr. Hazard’s.
14th. Went to Stonington to Ben Clarke’s.
15th. Went to George Irish’s and returned.
16th. c and r. Went to South Kingstown to Gideon Clarke’s.
17th. r. Went to cousin Champlain’s on Tower Hill.
18th. c. Went to Boston Neck <fec., and to Little Neck and returned to cousin Champlain’s.
19th. Went to Stonington with brother Ben to Ben Clarke’s.
20th. Went to Providence with John Tanner.
21st. Went to Mendon with do.
22d. Went to Worcester with do.
23d. This day at James Tanner’s. Went to the town and returned to Mr. Tanner’s. W, se.
24th. c. Went to Mendon to uncle Redwood’s.
25th. W, n. This day at uncle Redwood’s.
26th. W, sw. r. Went to Providence.
27th. c. W, w. This day at uncle Clarke’s.
28th. c. W, e. At do.
29th. W, sw. C. Removed sister Tanner’s goods to uncle Clarke’s.
30th. c. W, nw. Went to Smithfield to Oziel Wilkinson’s and lodged.
10th Month. October, 1778.
1st. Went to Mendon.
2d. C and cool. Began work at Benjamin Staples’s in Mendon.
3d. At Staples’s.
4th. At do. 5th. At do. 6th. At do. 7th. At do. 8th. At do. 9th. At do. 10th. At do. lltli. At do.
12th. Sold my watch to Simeon Staples for 60 dollars.
13th. At Staples’.
14th. At do. 15th. At do. 16th. At do. 17th. At do.
18th. Bought a horse of AVilliam Redwood for 260 dollars. Received 42 dollars of Benjamin Ellery for 28 days work at 1^ dollars per day.
19th. At Staples’s.
20th. At do. 21st. At do. 22d. At do.
23d. Left work at Staples’s. Swapt my horse for a mare with Turner Ellis. Swapt my chestnut colored mare with Asel Williams for a black horse.
24th. Paid uncle Redwood for his horse 260 dollars.
25th. C. This day at uncle Redwood’s.
26th. Received 36 dollars of Benjamin Staples for 18 days work at 2 dollars per day. Went to Providence with uncle Redwood.
27th. Went to South Kingstown. Uncle went to Little Rest. He was going to Philadelphia. Went to the widow Champlain’s. Elsie Hazard died this day.
28th. Went to Thomas Hazard’s and returned.
29th. Went to Boston Neck with Polly Champlain to the burial of Elsie Hazard.
30th. W, sw. Went to Providence.
31st. C and r. W, ne. Went to Oziel Wilkinson’s in Smithfield.
11TH Month. November, 1778.
1st. Went to Mendon.
2d. Went to Worcester.
3d. Returned to Mendon.
4tli. Returned to Smithfield.
5tli. Began work at Oziel Wilkinson’s.
6th. Moderate wind. At do.
7th. W, ne.
8th. W, e by n. Went to Providence to uncle Clarke’s and returned.
9th. C. W, n.
10th. c and warm.
11th. V. W, sc. Went to Mendon.
12th. W, nw. Returned to Smithfield and went to work in the shop.
13th. C and cool. W, n.
14th. C and wind northerly.
15th. C and cold. W, sw. Went to meeting.
16th. Moderate weather.
17th. Do.
18th. C and r.
19th. Wind w. Some rain.
20th. Moderate weather.
21st. c and cold. W, nw.
22d. C and cold. W, nw. Went to Providence.
23d. C and cold. There was a man shot for deserting named Bushbee.
24th. C and cold. W, nw. Returned to Smithfield.
25th. Moderate. W, n. Went to meeting.
26th. Went to Woonsocket meeting.
27th. Went to work. W, n.
28th. C and cold. W, w.
29th. C. W, northerly. Went to meeting, and after meeting went to Jonathan Arnold’s and returned.
30th. W, se. AftW, nw. Some snow.
12th Month. December, 1778.
1st. W, n. Moderate.
2d. c and warm. W, w. Left off work at Oziel Wilkinson’s. My work has come to three oxen for which he has paid me.
3d. W, nw. Went to Providence.
4th. W, sw. Went to South Kingstown to Godfrey Kenyon’s.
5th. Went to Tower Hill to the widow Champlain’s. r. W, sw. Sold my horse to Mumford Hazard for Qb dollars.
6th. Moderate weather.
7th. Clear. W, sw.
8th. W, se. May’s house took fire.
9th. Went to Boston Neck.
10th. Moderate weather.
11th. Went to Worden’s pond and returned.
12th. Cool. W, n.
13th. r. W, northerly.
14th. c. and cool. W, s.
15th. Moderate. W, s.
16th. This day at cousin Chaniplain’s.*
1st Month. January, 1779.
1st. c and warm. this day at cousin Chaniplain’s.
2d. W, w by s. AVent to Providence with George Hazard on foot, c and warm.
3d. C and warm. W, sw. At uncle Clarke’s. Went to meeting in the forenoon. Received of Wm. Burdin 1 lb. tea. 2 lb. loaf sugar from Mrs. Hill.
4th. c and warm. W, w. Bought things for cousin Champlain.
5th. C, F. W, w. Aft c. W, nw. Went to Smithfield to Oziel Wilkinson’s, and from there to work with Thomas Lapham, who departed this life the night before. 73 years old. Snow in the night.
6th. C, F. Aft c. W, ne. Dined at George Arnold’s and then went to Mendon to George Lawton’s.
7th. c, F. Aft C. Went to Worcester to Tanner’s.
8tli. C and warm. W, n. Was at James Tanner’s.
9th. F and C, Aft snow. W, e. Returned to Lawton’s.
10th. Aft c. Lodged at uncle Redwood’s.
11th. c and cold. W, nw. AVent to Smithfield to Samuel Arnold’s and lodged.
12th. F, snow. Aft c, W, sw. Went to Greenwich to Samuel Arnold’s and lodged.
13th. W, w by s. Went to Jolm Hazard’s in Voluntown, and from there to Champlain’s.
14th. F, Aft C. W, s. At do.
15th. C. W, e. At cousin Champlain’s.
16th. C and cold. W, sw. Aft W, nw. At do.
*This entry is repeated every day the rest of the month.- j. n. a.
17th. c and cold. W, n. Four sail; 2 ships and 2 brigs standing south west.
18th. c and cold. W, nw. At Champlain’s.
19th. C. W, n. Aft snow. At do.
20th. c. W, n. At do.
21st. c. W, nw. At do. Seven sail went into Newport.
22d. c. W, sw. Began work at Congdon’s.
23d. C, r. W, sw. At do.
24th. r. W, sw. At Champlain’s.
25th. r. W, w. At work at Congdon’s.
26th. c, F. Aft C, W, w. At do.
27th. C and cold. W, nnw. Some snow in the night. Settled with cousin Champlain and paid her for my board.
28th. c. W, sw. Went to Godfrey Hazard’s.
29th. c. W, nw. Jonathan Hazard’s mare drownided herself in the river.
30th. c. w, ne. The Regulars landed and took two boats out of the river. 4 sail went upland from Newport. Some snow. One ship went into Newport. Went to Champlain’s.
31st. c. W, ne. Went to meeting.
2d Month. February, 1779.
1st. c. W, w. Left making bridle bits at Congdon’s shopWent to Godfrey’s. Davis’s privateer lay off that night.
2d. f. W, sw. At Godfrey’s.
3d. C. W, sw. Went to Champlain’s with Ben Easton.
4th. c. W, w by s. Went home with Godfrey Hazard and lodged.
5th. C. W, nw. At Godfrey’s. Davis’s privateer went eastward.
6th. c. W, sw. Went to cousin Champlain’s at Little Best to see Hannah. Lodged at Sherman’s.
7th. Snow last night, c. W, w. Went to Godfrey’s.
8th. c. Went to Little Rest and returned with Godfrey.
9th. C, r. W, s. At Little Rest.
10th. C. W, sw. At do.
11th. C. AV, n. At do.
12th. c F. Aft C. Went to Champlain’s round the cove and from there to Godfrey’s.
13th. c. W, nw. At Godfrey Hazard’s.
14th. C. W, w. r. Went to Champlain’s and David Valentine’s with Stephen.
15th. c. W, n. Aft W, se. Went to Godfrey’s.
16th. f. Aft c. At do.
17th. C, V. W, s. Received of Godfrey 1110 dollars for Ben Easton. Went to cousin Champlain’s.
18th. c. W, n. Went to Godfrey’s and fell in the river.
19th. r. W, s. Aft W, nw. Went to North Kingstown to Thomas Hazard’s.
20th. c. W, nw. Went to Pawtuxet to Davis’s.
21st. C. W, s. Went to Providence.
22d. r. W, s. Aft c. At uncle Clarke’s.
23d. c. W, s. Went to Freetown to Richard Borden’s, and delivered Ben Easton his money.
24th. c. W, sw. Went to John Borden’s.
25th. W, sw. c. Returned to Richard Borden’s and delivered Ben his money this day.
26th. r. and snow. W, sw. Went to Providence.
27th. c. W, sw. Went to South Kingstown on Ben’s horse and delivered him to Godfrey.
28th. f. W, s. Went to Champlain’s and delivered the lawn I bought in Providence for Polly.
3d Month. March, 1779.
1st. c. W, sw. Went to Godfrey’s with brother Ben.
2nd. c. W, s. Went to hear Jemima at Champlain’s and dined at Wm. Potter’s, and thence to Cliamplain’s.
3d. C. W, sw. Went to Sarah Pindar’s but slie was not at home. Went to Godfrey’s.
4th. c. W, e. Went to meeting and to Thomas Hazard’s. Mashed my finger. Went to cousin Cliamplain’s. Staid at Hazard’s.
5th. C, snow. r. W, e. Rode Stephen Champlain’s horse round the bridge to Godfrey’s.
6th. C. W, ne. At Godfrey Hazard’s.
7th. Snow. W, se. At do.
8th. C. W, s. Went to Rodman’s mills. Lodged at cousin Champlain’s.
9th. C. W, nw. Dined at cousin Hazard’s. Began to keep house with George.
10th. c. W, nw. Went to Champlain’s and returned.
11th. C. W, sw. Aft W, se and v. Snow and hail. Be-, gan work in the shop.
12th. C. W, nw. 13th. c. W, n.
14th. Snow. W, ne. Went to Godfrey’s and returned.
15th. c and cold. W, nw.
16th. c and cold. W, n.
17th. c. W, nw. A ship towed a wreck into Newport. Went to Job Watson’s, Champlain’s, Godfrey’s, and John Gardiner’s and lodged.
18th. c. W, nw. Returned home. Went to Boston Neck to Champlain’s and returned home with a side of sole leather of Godfrey Hazard’s.
19th.. Snow. W, sw. Aft W, n by e.
20th. c. W, nw. A sloop sailed out of Newport about sunset.
21st. c. W, n. Aft W, sw. Went to meeting, and after went to cousin Champlain’s.
22d. Snow and r. W, ne. At Champlain’s.
23d. c. W, nw. Returned home.
24th. Snow and hail. W, ne. George’s horse fell into the river.
25th. SnoAv. W, nw.
26th. C. W, n.
27th. C. W, sw.
28th. c. W, sw. Went to meeting. Wrote two letters. One to sister Tanner, and one to aunt Clarke. A fleet went into Newport of 20 or 30 sail.
29th. Moderate. W, nw.
30th. C. W, sw. Went to mill. George went to Providence. I worked for George.
31st. c. W, n.
4th Month. April, 1779.
1st. f. W, s. Read the history of ” Agricola.”
2d. c. W, sw. Put the trough in the shop.
3d. f. W, s. George returned from Providence.
4th. C, r. W, ne. Went to meeting. Aft went to Champlain’s, Godfrey’s, Gardiner’s, and returned. 20 sail went into Newport.
5th. c. W, nw.
6th. c. W, sw. Shower at sunset.
7th. c. W, nw. A schooner fired at the privateer’s men, at the Harbor’s mouth.
8th. c. W, sw. George went to meeting this morning on foot to Greenwich.
9th. high W, sw.
10th. high W, sw.
11th. c. W, sw. Went to meeting. Aft went to Champlain’s, Gardiner’s, and returned. Benjamin Hazard was married to Hannah Hazard last night.
12th. r. W, ne.
13th. C. W,nw. AftW, sw.
14th. c. W, w. Dug a woodchuck out of hole.
15th. c. W, sw.
16th. r. W, ne.
17th. C. W, n.
18th. c. W, w. Staid at home.
19th. C. W, w. Susey came here to live.
20th. c. W, n. George went to Providence. I carried his chest down to the boat. Began work in the garden.
21st. c. W, w. Worked in the garden.
22d. c. W, n.
23d. c. W, s.
24th. c. W, w.
25th. c. W, sw. At home.
26th. c. W, ne. Went to Rodman’s mill. Champlain brought George’s horse here. George returned from Providence and brought my chest.
27th. c. W, ne. Worked for George.
28th. c. W, ne. Worked do. 29th. C. W, ne. Worked do.
30th. C and r. W, sw. Made stone wall for cousin Hazard.
5th Month. May, 1779.
1st. c. W, sw. Made stone wall for cousin Hazard.
2d. highW, sw. Went to meeting. Went to Champlain’s, Amos Gardiner’s, and returned home with a cow. Stephen Gardiner was married to Polly Champlain.
3d. c. W, sw. Went to the beach to get a load of sand.
4th. c. W, sw. Went to Godfrey’s and returned.
5th. c. W, w by n. B. came from Providence and brought me a letter from sister Tanner. I went to Congdon’s for the vice.
6th. c. W, nw. Carried home Congdon’s sledge.
7th. W, nw. Planted corn for cousin Hazard.
8th. c. W, nw. Regulars landed in Point Judeth.
9th. c. W, sw. Went to meeting here with Mr. Wilkerson at Tower Hill. Went to Thomas Champlain’s in Point Judeth.
10th. c. W, nw. Ben went to Providence.
11th. c. W, sw. George bought Thomas Champlain’s boat.
12th. r. C. W, e. .
13th. r. W, ne.
14th. C. W, ne. Cleaned out the cellar.
15th. c. W, sw. Hung the shop windows.
16th. c. W, sw. Went to meeting. Went to Champlain’s and Godfrey’s and lodged.
17th. c. W, w.
18th. C. W, sw. Thomas Hazard’s sheep’s ear mark altered. Returned home yesterday and waded through the river.
19th. C and r. W, se. George went to Providence.
20th. C and some r. W, se.
21st. C. Aft W, e by s. Laid out the cornfield. The Regulars landed last night and carried off negroes.
22d. C. W, ne. George returned from Providence.
23d. c. W, sw. Picked greens at Boston Neck. Brought home two hogs from Brown’s. Net weight, 147f lbs.
24th. c. W, sw. F. Planted corn for cousin Hazards.Planted own corn.
25th. c. W, ne. Planted corn.
26th. C. W, sw. Finished planting corn.
27th. C. W, ne. Killed the calf. Made the fence round the meeting house.
28th. C. W, s. Mended the boat. The privateersmen took the fish boats. I went to see them.
29th. C. W, sw. Planted potatoes. Went sailing in the Summer Garden.
30th. C. W, sw. Staid at home. Ben Easton called at the door. Went to cousin Hazard’s.
31st. f. W, sw. George went to meeting.
6th Month. June, 1779.
1st. high W, sw. Went to Boston Neck for Hannah Hazard. Susej was sick. Carried her home. Weeded corn for cousin Hazard.
2d. c. W, variable. Held harrow for cousin Hazard. Ben Easton returned back.
3d. c. W, ne. Planted our beans. Chaddock was taken in his fish boat by the Privateersmen.
4th. c. W, sw.
5th. c. W, sw. Went in swiming.
6th. c. W, nw. Went to meeting. The Regulars landed and took Samuel Congdon.
7th. C. W, sw. Yolked our hogs.
8th. c. W, nw. The Regulars burnt two houses last night. Aft W, s.
9th. Rn. W, w. Went to Providence in boat.
10th. c. W, w. At uncle Clarke’s.
11th. C. W, w. Returned in boat home.
12th. c. W, nw. Lodged at Godfrey’s. Godfrey brought things here. An alarm in the night..
13th. r. W, s. Went to Providence in cousin Hazard’s chaise.
14th. m, r. Brought sister Tanner and children home.
15th. c. W, sw. Carried home Godfrey’s mare.
16th. c. Aft C. My leg lame. George returned.
17th. c. W, sw. My leg lame.
18th. c. W, sw. My leg lame.
19th. c. W, sw. Made a hoe handle of bass wood.
20th. c. W, sw. Took salt water.
21st. c. W, sw. Hoed corn for Thomas Hazard. Sold a tea kettle for twenty dollars.
22d. c. W, w. Rode Robert’s horse home and returned threw the river.
23d. c. W, w. Made stone wall for cousin Hazard.
24th. c. W, sw. Made stone wall for do.
25th. high AV, e. Put a barrel in the spring. George went to Providence in a chaise.
26th. C. Aftc. W, ne. Went a fishing. Went to the old mill. George returned home.
27th. c. Aft f. W, s. Went to mill and Simeon’s.
28tli. W, sw. Finished hoeing potatoes. Settled with George. Went to Boston Neck.
29th. Came home and went back and the boat left me. Lodged at Godfrey’s.
30th. C. W, sw. Returned home and went to Providence.
( To he contmued.)
SOURCE:  Page(s): 28-41; The Narragansett, Volume 1. July, 1882  Number 1
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