Early Greene surname Marriages, Rhode Island

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(From Original Records)

Greene, Abigail and John Remington, 8 August, 1743, Jamestown, R.I.
Greene, Abraham and Patience Arnold, 5 September, 1765, N. Kingstown. R.I.
Greene, Abraham & Mary Reynolds, 9 January, 1774, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Almy and Thomas Brown, 3 April, 1746, Scituate, R.I.
Greene, Alvin and Asa Church, 18 July, 1822, Charlestown, R.I.
Greene, Amey and Elisha Lewis, 10 January, 1751, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Amos and Amie Knowles, 19 June, 1740, Charlestown, R.I.
Greene, Amos, Jr., and Dorcas Hall, 9 June, 1 763, Charlestown, R.I.
Greene, Andrew and Amey Aldrich, 29 May, 1777, Cumberland, R.I.
Greene, Ann and Joseph Pearce, 16 November, 1784, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Ann and William Clarke, 8 November, 1730, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Ann and Nathan Westcott, 6 March, 1735, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Annie and Zadock Young, 27 March, 1788, Foster, R.I.
Greene, Audrey and Thomas Stafford, 16 July, 1719, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin and Sarah Bacon, 10 September, 1772, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin and Niobe Paul, 20 March, 1743, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin and Mary C. Cory, 29 November, 1840, Tiverton, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin and Mercy Rogers, 7 February, 1742, W. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin and Mehitable Tripp, 22 September, 1752, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin and Eleanor Randall, 19 March, 1714, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Benjamin A. (b. R.I.) and Nandy W. Maine, 12 May, 1891, North Stonington, Conn.
Greene, Betsy and Thomas Barber, 17 June, 1787, Jamestown, R.I.
Greene, Bradley and Lucretia Irons, 29 March, 1816, Glocester, R.I.
Greene, Caleb and Sarah Brown, 16 April, 1769, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Catherine and Caleb Ladd, 30 July, 1797, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Catherine and Samuel Gardiner, 18 December, 1762. N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Catherine and Phillip Kenyon, 13 March, 1780, Richmond, R.I.
Greene, Catherine and Joseph Harris, 25 November, 1790, Cranston, R.I.
Greene, Charles W. and Frances Bowen, 27 September, 1713, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Christopher and Katherine Ward, 23 December, 1773, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Christopher and Abigail Davis, 19 May, 1771, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Clarissa and John Hudson, 4 November, 1839, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Cynthia and Phillip Fletcher, 14 May, 1835, Seekonk, R.I.
Greene, Daniel and Bethiah Davis, 24 December, 1741, Bristol, R.I.
Greene, Daniel and Almyrah Stone, 17 September, 1820, Johnston, R.I.
Greene, Daniel and Mary Green, 12 February, 1761, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, David and Lydia Matteson, 3 July, 1788, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, David and Penelope Northrup, 15 August, 1762, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Deborah and Simon Ray, 22 November, 1725, New Shoreham, R.I.
Greene, Deliverence and Thomas Hudson, 8 January, 1768, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Dinah and Randall Rice, 16 March, 1736, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Dorcas and Isaac Hall, 6 January, 1793, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Ebenezer and Mary Jones, 2 October, 1 808, Smithfield, R.I.
Greene, Edward and Rhoda Wilcox, 1 October, 1766, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Elisha and Mary Brown, 26 September, 1723, Providence, R.I.
Greene, EUena and Thomas Fry, 16 November, 1740, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Elizabeth and James Allen, 31 August, 1726, Warwick. R.I.
Greene, Elizabeth and Samuel Mansfield, 18 May, 1783, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Elizabeth and Richard Gill, 22 November, 1725, Portsmouth, R.I.
Greene, Elizabeth and James Thompson, 2 October, 1765, Newport. R.I.
Greene, Eliza B. and Marlborough P. Littlefield, 10 October, 1827, New Shoreham, R.I.
Greene, Eliza and James Miller, 8 February, 1807, E. Greenwich, Conn.
Greene,, Emily and Robert Hicks, 8 November, 1847, Portsmouth, R.I.
Greene, Fannie and John Wing, 8 April, 1802, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Foues and Rebecca Tibbetts, 5 February, 1713, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Hannah and David Bliven, 21 November, 1762, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Hannah and Jabez Chadsey, 30 September, 1779, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Hannah and Reuben Johnson, 21 March, 1805, Coventry, R.I.
Greene, Hawkins and Sarah Tennant, 12 February, 1799, S. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Hope and John Smith, 2 August, 1747, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Isaac and Eliza Kenyon, 24 November, 1825, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, James and Susannah Lynch, 19 August, 1784, Portsmouth, R.I.
Greene, James and Elizabeth Anthony, 3 August, 1665, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, James and Hannah Tucker, 22 June, 1734, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, James and Mercy Waterman, 29 October, 1812, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, James C. and Susan Hull, 4 March, 1841, S. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, James C. and Phebe Niles, 24 January, 1819, Pawtucket, R.I.
Greene, Jedediah and Waite Bates, II May, 1769, Coventry, R.I.
Greene, Jeremiah and Deborah Cammell, 20 July, 1 765, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Job and Phebe Sayles, 22 January, 1685, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Job and Mary Paul, 21 December, 1746, Newport, R.I.
Green, Job R, and Mary Johnson, 28 February, 1813, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, John and Mary Almy, 8 December, 1737, Newport, R.I.
Greene, John and Judith Tarr, October, 1812, Pawtucket, R.I.
Greene, John and Elizabeth Hoxsie, 28 October, 1802, Richmond, R.I.
Greene, John and Sarah Spink, 24 December, 1758, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, John and Ann Hill, 30 November, 1713, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, John and Mary Taft, 8 December, 1737, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, John and Catherine Carr, 22 September, 1757, Newport, R.I.
Greene, John C. and Rebecca Harris, 13 September, 1810, Johnston, R.I.
Greene, John F. and Phebe Dyer, 6 July, 1803, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Jonathan and Susannah Beard, March, 1733, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Joseph and Margaret Greenman, 20 September, 1747, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Joshua and Dinah Carpenter, 12 February, 1746, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Joshua and Alice Potter, I January, 1771, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Katherine Porter and William B. Greene, 2 September, 1880, East Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Keziah and Dennis Taylor, 17 February, 1782, Westerly. R.I.
Green, Lucy and Thomas Lewis, 7 March, 1813, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Lydia and Elisha Carpenter, 20 September, 1 767, North Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Martha and Anthony Wilbor, 3 April, 1766, Newport, R.I.
Green, Martha H. and Lozendo D. Fuller, 3 October, 1839. Smithfield, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Rufus Collins, 2 June, 1771, Cranston, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Cyrus Cook, 29 July, 1792, Glocester, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Joseph Round, 29 December, 1782, Foster, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Peabody Cole, 26 September, 1790, Foster, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Nathaniel Whiting, 30 November, 1815. Bristol. R.I.
Greene. Mary and Augustus Brown, 1 February, 1767, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Daniel Shrieve, 1 October, 1760, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Samuel Burrows, 28 January, 1746, Middletown, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Thomas Fry, 31 December, 1719, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Mary and Silas Clapp, 19 April, 1752, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Mary and George Pierce, 2 December, 1753, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Mary and John Reynolds, 1 June, 1766, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Mary Ann and John Clarke, 19 June, 1839, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Mary and John Eldred, 9 August, 1733, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Mary and John Corey, 13 November, 1766, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Mary and George Pierce, 2 December, 1753, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Mary and William Davis, 7 September, 1772, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Matthew and Judith Maxson, 1 December, 1749, Westerley, R.I.
Greene, Member and Elisha Tew, 31 January, 1782, Jamestown, R.I.
Greene, Mercy and John Hopkins, 9 October, 1732, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Mercy and John Tillinghast, 1 4 February, 1 754, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Meriah A. and Serie Williams, 28 February, 1 836, Burrillville, R.I.
Green, Meriam and Oliver Bates, 20 December, 1762, W. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Nathan and Huldah Bowen, 24 September, 1756, Hopkinton, R.I.
Greene, Nathaniel and Phebe Wells, 1 2 Jan. 1 806, Foster, R.I.
Greene, Nathaniel and Mary Mott, 18 April, 1739, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Nathaniel and Alice Lee, 8 March, 1739, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Olive and William Wyatt, 18 April, 1823, Bristol, R.I.
Greene, Peleg and Sarah Wood, 17 December, 1820, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Peter and Elizabeth Johnson, 7 August, 1768, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Phebe and John Potter, 12 December, 1717, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Phebe and Samuel Ward, 8 March, 1778, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Phebe and John Stone, 17 March, 1774, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Phebe and Thomas Wells, 22 September, 1717, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Philip and Mary Baker, 31 December, 1750, Exeter, R.I.
Greene, Polly and George Field, 13 June, 1793, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Priscilla and Jeremiah Ellis, 21 October, 1759, Exeter, R.I.
Green, Robe and James Sweet, 29 July, 1770, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, Sally and Caleb Hill, 4 January, 1 784, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, Sally and Col. John Bowen, 28 March, 1799, Coventry, R.I.
Greene, Samuel and Laura Tyler, 19 February, 1840, N. Providence, R, I.
Greene, Samuel and Jane White, 26 June, 1 749, Glocester, R.I.
Greene, Samuel and Ruth Wells, 22 May, 1803, Hopkinton, R.I.
Greene, Sarah and Joseph Hiscox, 28 March, 1739, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Sarah and James Peckham, 28 January, 1746, Middletown, R.I.
Greene, Sarah and William White, 8 December, 1805, Middletown, R.I.
Greene, Sarah and Obed Wing, 17 January, 1760, Newport, R.I.
Green, Sarah and Amos Coon, 5 April, 1767, Hopkinton, R.I.
Greene, Sarah and John Jones, 22 July, 1724, Bristol, R.I.
Greene, Sarah and Edward Fanning, 26 July, 1777, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Simon R. and Harriet Wells, 16 February, 1813, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Susanna and Silas Weaver, 8 June, 1758, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, Tacy and James Crandall, 30 November, 1844, Exeter, R. !.
Greene, Thomas and Mary Olney, 23 August, 1764, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Thomas and Margaret Cooper, 27 December, 1747, Coventry, R.I.
Greene, Thomas and Elizabeth Gibbs, 3 August, 1767, Newport, R.I.
Greene, Thomas and Sarah Wickes, 22 January, 1769, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Thomas P. and Catherine Bent, 15 April, 1773, Hopkinton, R.I.
Greene, Timothy and Mary Manton, 7 March, 1793, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Waitey and Jonah Titus, 18 April, 1841, Coventry, R.I.
Greene, Walter H. and Clara S. Newcomb, 30 March, 1869, Providence, R.I.
Greene, Welthian and Thomas Fry, 1 February, 1688, E. Greenwich, R. !.
Greene, William and Judith Rathbone, 25 January, 1756, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, William and Mary Wilcox, 30 March, 1809, N. Kingstown, R.I.
Greene, William and Phebe Johnson, widow, 16 October, 1763, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, William and Sarah Lawton, 14 December, 1758, Middletown, R.I.
Greene, William and Jane Wheeler, 8 November,’ 1724, Newport, R.I.
Greene, William B. and Katherine P. Greene, 2 September, 1880, E. Greenwich, R.I.
Greene, William M. and Sarah Warner, 23 December, 1823, Warwick, R.I.
Greene, William R. and Esther Johnson, 21 March, 1781, Westerly, R.I.
Greene, Zebulon and Sarah Tripp, 1 April, 1742, Newport, R.I.

SOURCE:  Vol. VII, No 2, February 1917 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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