Early Boone surname Marriages

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Ann Boone and Jackson, 15 August, 1725, North Kingstown.
Anna Boone and Isaac Nichols, 1773, Newport.
Elizabeth Boone and Stephen Vaughan, 16 December, 1799, Exeter.
Hannah Boone and Joseph Clarke, 13 December, 1761, North Kingstown.
James Boone and Mary Weightman, 19 April, 1778, North Kingstown.
James Boone and Patience Terry, 8 January, 1797, Exeter.
Martha Boone and Peleg Clarke. 11 March, 1784, North Kingstown.
Mary Boone and Wm. Gardiner, 26 January, 1775, South Kingstown.
Orpha Boone and John Gorton, 18 June, 1789, Exeter.
Richard Boone and Harty Carey, 28 February, 1765, North Kingstown.
Richard Boone, Jr. and Betsy Sheffield, 23 April, 1795, Exeter.
Samuel Boone and Margaret Smith, 7 June, 1767, North Kingstown.
Sarah Boone and Samuel Rhodes, 7 March, 1724, North Kingstown.
Sarah Boone and Robert Eldred, 1 January, 1789, North Kingstown.
Sarah Boone and James Clarke, 28 February, 1805, Exeter.
Sybie Boone and Wm. Croney, 5 April, 1765, Cumberland.
Thomas Boone and Susannah Gardiner, 21 September, 1794, North Kingstown.
SOURCE:  Vol, VIII, No 2, February 1918 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry

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