Wilkes Fort

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Wilkes Fort. — This used to be a halting place for the Nipmuc Indians. They and the Shore Indians usually had difficulty in the spring about the fish. They partly fortified their place, and after their day a band of outlaws added immensely to the work, and lived there in open defiance of the law a number of years. Its last inhabitant was William Reynolds, an insane man who lived at the north-east corner of the fortress for several years, and until his friends removed him to a better location. At this place there is a natural curiosity known as the “Queen’s Bed Chamber.” This was used by Queen Bess, the last princess who lived here. It was expected the Indians would be found during that celebrated march to the Great Swamp, in December, in Philip’s time. A lot of buried corn was found and evidence that the Indians had recently been there.

SOURCE:  Page(s): 9; The Narragansett, Volume 1. July, 1882  Number 1

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