For the Safty of the People

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In the Newport Gazette April l7, 1777, published under the auspices of the British commander at Rhode Island we find the following article.
From the original in the Redwood Library.
The following list was brought by the last flag froin Providence:
Honourable Nickolas Cooke, Esq., Governor; Oyster Pickler.
Honourable William Bradford, Esq., Dep. Gov.
John Collins, Esq., Blacksmith.
John Tanner, Esq., Goldsmith.
Ambrose Page, Esq., Plough Jogger.
John Sayles, Jr., Esq., ditto.
Daniel Gaboon, Esq., ditto.
James Arnold, Esq., ditto.
Josiah Arnold, Esq., ditto.
Peter Phillips, Esq., ditto.
William Potter, Esq., ditto.
Pardon Gray, Esq., ditto.
Secretary, Henry Waud, Esq.
Attorney General, William Channing, Esq., Pettifogger.
General Treasurer, Joseph Clarke, Esq.
Hon. Stephen Hopkins, Esq., Farmer.
Hon. William Ellery, Esq., Pettifogger.
Hon. Henry Merchent, Esq., ditto.
Note.- The busineee of these men were no doubt added in derision by the editor, as will be surmised from what follows. J. N. A.
SOURCE:  Page(s): 73-74; The Narragansett, Volume 1. July, 1882  Number 1
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