Versified for the Help of the Memory

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Believe me good people for your safty and ease,
These wise men are chosen to do just as they please.
Tis judiciously done to put old Nick the first,
Though the rest are full bad, he by far is the worse:
William Bradford comes next, how happy he’d been,
Had he minded his Nostrums, nor Nick’las e’er seen.
John Collins stands first to advice and to Council,
I wish all their heads may be thumped on his anvil,
Not forgetting John Tanner tho’ called an Esquire,
Who would turn all to Dross were he try’ed in the fire.
Ambrose Page next endeavors to get the Command
Pretending he would steer the Ship safely to Land:
I’m out in my Guess if he’s not soon in the Sands,
I advise Johnney Sayles to return to his plough,
And Daniel Cahoon nothing better can do;
Both the Arnolds and Phillips and Potter and Gray,
Would most wisely conduct to proceed the same way.
I once knew a time when Titles were lion’rary,
‘Twas pleasant to hear Henry Waud, Secretary;
But he must be a Fool who’d not wisely falter,
When a Post is so close conjoin’d with a Halter.
William Channing, Esquire, Our Attorney at Law,
Will scarce save his Neck tho’ he may find out a Flaw,
Joseph Clarke, last is chosen to keep all the Money,
Not Silver nor Gold but Fine Paper dear Honey.
SOURCE:  Page(s): 74-75; The Narragansett, Volume 1. July, 1882  Number 1
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